Branding, illustration,
and design.


branding / packaging / illustration
Daye is a wellness company on a mission to close the gender pain gap, and to shine a light on under-studied, under-funded, and under-appreciated women’s health issues. Second Marriage has worked with Daye since their inception to create an identity and design system that reflects both the history they’re building on and the future they’re creating.

Portraits by Katie McCurdy. Packaging photos by Rowa Lee.


branding / packaging / Illustration
Reyn is a skincare brand with the highest standards. To make their product, a team of molecular scientists pioneered a method to maximize cellular-level absorption and help your own body regenerate, aided by the power (and magic) of plants. To match their mission, we created a brand that’s strong and rigorous, but also includes some everyday mysticism.

Second Marriage worked with photographers Julia Robbs and Rowa Lee to capture the spirit of Reyn.


branding / illustration
Huggg is a digital platform that allows companies to send physical gifts to clients and employee with just a few clicks. They wanted a rebrand that reflected their optimistic outlook as well as their best-in-class tech and premium products, so we created an identity that’s both friendly and elevated. 

House of Echelon

House of Echelon is a founder-focused ecosystem of bold, forward-thinking and socially-conscious commerce brands. With its high ideals and style to match, House of Echelon hopes to be a club that everyone will want to join, so we wanted to create an identity that would reflect this.

The logo, both elegant and active, creates intrigue while establishing House of Echelon as a refined, high-end brand. With its dramatic, flourishing curves the HoE monogram is both legible and not...perhaps only obvious to those who are in the know. This style was inspired by typeforms that pre-date the Latin alphabet, giving it a sense of timelessness.