Branding, illustration,
and design.


branding / packaging / illustration
Daye is a wellness company on a mission to close the gender pain gap, and to shine a light on under-studied, under-funded, and under-appreciated womenโ€™s health issues. Second Marriage has worked with Daye since their inception to create an identity and design system that reflects both the history theyโ€™re building on and the future theyโ€™re creating.

Portraits by Katie McCurdy.


branding / packaging / Illustration
Reyn is a skincare brand with the highest standards. To make their product, a team of molecular scientists pioneered a method to maximize cellular-level absorption and help your own body regenerate, aided by the power (and magic) of plants. To match their mission, we created a brand thatโ€™s strong and rigorous, but also includes some everyday mysticism.

Second Marriage worked with photographer Julia Robbs to capture the spirit of Reyn.

Frances Street

branding / packaging / photo
Frances Street is an artisanal maker of organic sleep teas.  The comapany was named after the founderโ€™s grandmother, so we wanted to create a brand that felt warm, comfortable, and slightly vintage, while still looking fresh enough to stand out on shelves.


branding / packaging / illustration
Wildist is a line of elevated essentials that wants us all to โ€˜Live Closerโ€™ โ€“ to the products we use, the people around us, and the planet we live on. Wildist embodies this mission by being all natural, sustainable, and effective, and also by blending thoughtful ingredients into unexpected combinations. The brandโ€™s ethos and attitude inspired every element of the design.

Second Marriage worked alongside of photographer and art director Julia Parris, stylist Al Malonga, and product stylist Anna Surbatovich to bring Wildist to life.