Branding, illustration,
and design.


@hotel is a travel booking company that offers deep discounts and best-in-class customer service. Second Marriage was tasked with rebranding the company to appeal to millenial women while building trust and attracting attention. We created a new @ sign to represents the travel and exploration side of the brand – it’s looping lines represent movement, twists and turns, maybe even taking the long way to see more – and paired this with a solid, dependable sans serif wordmark. A window and door motif reminds the viewer of crossing new thresholds and at the same time creates a flexible and easy-to-use graphic system.


branding / packaging / illustration / custom typography
Rythm is a sexual wellness company that wants people to feel good in and out of the bedroom. Through their marketplace and first product, a card game for couples, they want to help humans connect with themselves and each other. To help achieve this goal, we developed a brand that feels warm, inviting, and natural. We paired organic shapes reminiscent of ancient fertility symbols with rich earth tones and a humanist typeface. We developed an elevated yet playful typeface for the logo and game title to give Rythm a premium feeling.


branding / packaging / illustration
Daye is a wellness company on a mission to close the gender pain gap, and to shine a light on under-studied, under-funded, and under-appreciated women’s health issues. Second Marriage has worked with Daye since their inception to create an identity and design system that reflects both the history they’re building on and the future they’re creating.

Portraits by Katie McCurdy. Packaging photos by Rowa Lee.


branding / packaging / Illustration
Reyn is a skincare brand with the highest standards. To make their product, a team of molecular scientists pioneered a method to maximize cellular-level absorption and help your own body regenerate, aided by the power (and magic) of plants. To match their mission, we created a brand that’s strong and rigorous, but also includes some everyday mysticism.

Second Marriage worked with photographers Julia Robbs and Rowa Lee to capture the spirit of Reyn.